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Baby Yoda Cup Cozy

Baby Yoda Cup Cozy (for 32 Oz Yeti Cup)

Size H Hook

1 Skein each: Vanna’s Choice: Fern, Barley, Chocolate

Darning needle

A small amount of fiberfill to stuff the arms.

2 black buttons or eyes. I used 9mm doll eyes and cut the screw back off, then glued them in place.

Loctite Glue (Vinyl, Plastic and Fabric) or thread and needle if you are using buttons for eyes.



Working from the bottom up.

Row 1: With FERN, Chain 34, Sc into the back loop of the 2nd stitch from the hook, and all the way across the row. 32 SC.

Slip stitch first and last SC together to form a ring ensuring it is not twisted. Tie off.

Change color to BARLEY.

Row 2-5: SC into each stitch from the previous row, when you reach the first stitch with the new color, mark the first stitch with a stitch marker, then SC into that stitch and keep stitching around for four rows. You are working in a spiral to avoid having a seam. Move your stitch marker up for each new row. Once you finish the fourth row (5 rows including your green row) you will begin an increase row.

Row 6: Increase Row: Two SC in the very first stitch, one SC in the next 7 stitches, Repeat from * to finish the row. (36)

Row 7-8: Continuing in the spiral fashion, 1 SC in each stitch around. After reaching the end of

Row 8, tie off.

Change color to FERN

Row 9-15: chain 1, 1 SC in each stitch working in the same spiral pattern marking your original stitches. When row 15 is complete, tie off.



EARS (make 2) FERN


Row 1: Magic Circle with a long tail, 4 SC into it. SS to the 1st SC (4)

Row 2: Chain 1, 2 SC into each of the previous 4 stitches, SS to the chain 1(8)

Row 3: Chain 1, 1 SC into each stitch around, SS to chain 1. (8)

Row 4: Chain 1, 2 SC into first stitch, 1 SC into next 3.  2 SC into next stitch, 1 SC into next 3 (10)

Row 5: Chain 1, 1 SC into each stitch, SS to the chain 1 (10)

Row 6: Chain 1, 2 SC into first stitch, 1 SC into the next 4 stitches, 2 SC into next stitch, 1 SC into the next 4. SS to the chain 1 (12)

Row 7-11: *Chain 1, 1 SC into each stitch all the way around, SS to the chain 1. Tie off, leaving a long string for sewing the ears on.

Now use your darning needle and the long tail left at the top of the ear from the original magic circle, to shape the ear. You’ll want to pinch it as shown below in the photo. Then stitch through the ear a couple of times to keep it cinched. Tie off and sew in ends.

ARMS (make 2)

Using FERN: Magic Circle, 4 SC into it. SS to the 1st SC (4)

Chain 1, 2 SC into each of the previous 4 stitches, SS to the chain 1(8)

Chain 1, 1 SC, 1 SC decrease in the next two stitches, 1 SC in the next 2 stitches, 1 SC decrease in the next two stitches, 1 SC in the last stitch, SS to the chain 1. (6)


Change to BARLEY yarn, 1 SC in each stitch around (6) instead of a SS, begin working in a spiral again as you did in the yoda body, do a total on 9 rows, tie off. Again leave a long tail for sewing the arms to the body later.


Stuff both arms with a bit of fiberfill.




Row 1: Magic Circle, 6 SC into it. SS to the first stitch. (6)

Row 2: Chain 1, 2 SC into each stitch of previous row (12)

Row 3-7: Chain 1, 1 SC into each stitch of previous row, SS to the chain 1. (12)

Fold down the top stitch to form a little rim on the bowl.


Additional Information:

I used just a drop of the glue on each hand to attach them to the bowl. Then used the long tail from each arm to close the arm hole and sew it to the body after the glue was dry and the hands were attached to the bowl. After both arms are attached, use the long tail from the ears to sew them on right above the arms. I used pink blush (makeup) to color the inside of the ears and sealed with a light spray of hairspray. (I heard this idea from another pattern for a full size baby yoda but I have no idea who to credit for it. Just saying…it wasn’t my original idea although the rest of this pattern is.

Last but not least attach the eyes. Be sure to line them up and make sure the spacing is right before permanently attaching them.


Enjoy your “Baby Yoda Yeti Cup Cozy! ❤️



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Healthy Low Carb Poké Bowl

12 ounces Cauliflower Rice

3 Ahi Tuna Steaks, peppered (raw OR lightly seared depending on your preference)

6 Baby Bella Mushroom

1 cup fresh Green beans

1 Tbsp Coconut oil (to sear green beans)

2 ounces Shredded Coconut

1/3 of a Small Diced Onion (diced very small)

1/2 English Cucumber (sliced very thin)

Splash of Soy Sauce

This Poke Bowl couldn’t be any easier or tastier! Continue reading “Healthy Low Carb Poké Bowl”

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Low Carb Strawberry Banana No Bake Lasagna

1 pint Heavy Whipping Cream

1/2 cup Splenda

1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

2 small packages Sugar Free Jello Vanilla Pudding

2 cups Almond Milk (I actually use SO Coconut Milk)

2 sleeves Graham Crackers

1 pack of Strawberries (sliced)

2 bananas

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy dessert and/or you want something sweet without totally blowing your diet. This little dish accomplishes BOTH! (See nutritional info below, 12 net carbs isn’t too bad for a sweet, decadent dessert!)

On to the recipe!

I start off by prepping the whip.

Pour the entire pint of cream into a large bowl. Add the Splenda and Vanilla Extract. Beat with hand mixer on highest setting until it turns into a thick whipped cream. Set in the fridge.

Next prepare the pudding. In another bowl, mix the pudding and the milk with a whisk. Once we’ll combined, place in the fridge till quickset (10 minutes)

While waiting for the pudding to set, prep your strawberries by removing the tops and slicing them. Next slice the bananas.

Place a small amount of pudding in the bottom of the casserole dish. Place a layer of graham crackers on top, next a layer of pudding, next a layer of strawberries and bananas, then a layer of whipped cream. Another layer of graham crackers, more pudding, more strawberries and bananas and top with another layer of whipped cream.

I garnished the edges with a few extra graham crackers that I turned into crumbs with my food processor.

Linkin the beagle wants to lick the beaters (sorry pup, no Splenda for doggies)

Cover with foil and refrigerate for at least 12 hours before serving.

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Six Ingredient Cupcake ♥️

I like cupcakes.

Screw it, that’s a lie.

I LOVE cupcakes.

Brown Butter Pineapple Upside Down Cupcake

I could probably survive life solely on cupcakes, coffee and bacon.

I enjoy making cupcakes almost as much as I enjoy eating them.

I have a very simple, basic recipe that never changes. I simply change out the additions to transform them into something new.

Continue reading “Six Ingredient Cupcake ♥️”

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Sleepy Little Llama Crochet Pattern

I had this skein of yarn laying around that I had bought last summer. It wasn’t expensive, but the color just looked so appealing to me, however; I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I kept looking at it wondering what it could be. (this may the reason why my yarn stash is so, well….let’s just call it “healthy”!)

Sometimes I can’t imagine yarn just becoming a hat or scarf or blanket, sometimes it’s as if I can hear it begging to be something ultimately “cooler” and preferably with a personality! Maybe the yarn just wants to know it will be hugged and or loved by someone (I mean, can you blame it afterall? Who doesn’t want to be hugged and loved from time to time?) Continue reading “Sleepy Little Llama Crochet Pattern”

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Bacon is irreplaceable! BUT….just maybe…

It’s true! Bacon can simply not be replaced.

When I recently went to a Pescatarian lifestyle I knew the hardest thing about this change was going to be saying goodbye to bacon.

Seriously, Steak, eh. Chicken, meh. But bacon….I mean BACON, crispy, fried, heavenly, melt in your mouth bacon!!!!!!! How could I possibly say goodbye. Bacon is the boy that you just can’t let go…you know what I’m talking about! That bad boy that is terrible for you! The one your dad forbids you see! The one that treats you horribly yet you keep going back to whatever magnet he is hiding under his skin. You know that boy…..he is the same as bacon. Continue reading “Bacon is irreplaceable! BUT….just maybe…”

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STARBUCKS PINK DRINK (keto version) 😮

Okay, so…I might be obsessed ❤️❤️❤️ this spring with Starbucks Pink Drink! Only, my obsession is actually with the KETO version you make yourself in your kitchen! Now mind you, this can be ordered in the store as well but only with careful planning! You see the problem is that Starbucks stores loves sugar, and they like to make their drinks with plenty of the sweet stuff! But us KETO folks know that sugar = carbs and other yucky things we want to avoid. Here is my way of making this delicious drink at home! If you want to read about how I order in the store, I’ve added that below.

Continue reading “STARBUCKS PINK DRINK (keto version) 😮”