Staircase Word Art Project


I was just looking for a way to make the simple staircase on the way up to Jake’s sleep loft really just POP! It had to be something that would be “acceptable” to a teenage kid who EATS, SLEEPS and BREATHES music so I asked him to help come up with an idea. We decided to go with his favorite bands!

I considered hand painting it, but Jake is very specific about wanting EXACT fonts to go with the bands album covers, so we decided on vinyl. The rest couldn’t have been any easier, I ordered laser cut vinyl lettering custom cut to fit the size of the risers. I’ve always ordered vinyl from an awesome guy named Mark, in New Jersey….he always does a fantastic job and always gets my orders perfect. You can see his shop HERE.
I ordered the vinyls on Monday and they arrived Thursday. Quick and easy.
Installation was equally quick and easy.
No, this isn’t a difficult project, it really isn’t DIY even.  It’s just a simple installation of vinyl, but it really gives a CUSTOM look to any space, and the most important thing….my kid LOVES it!

If you want to see more ideas just do a Pinterest/Google search on “Staircase Word Art”. Maybe you’ll get inspired to snaz up one of your own areas with some cool vinyl lettering or designs!

Good Luck!

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