Sweet & Salty Holiday Snack Board

A snack board. Pure joy and happiness! The one pictured has a little Keto for me and a little regular for some guests. But you can easily switch out your selections for whatever crowd you’re pleasing!

And while you can share them year round….there’s just something about a “Holiday” snack board. Think of all the many times they make sense!

• drop one off to your local police station, fire station or 911 center to thank emergency responders.

• Make one or two up for game night or your Christmas party!

• Invite a friend over for a glass of wine or two and small board

• Have one to snack on while the family decorates the tree together OR while opening gifts on Christmas morning.

• Make small snack boards wrapped in cellophane for an elderly neighbor or shut in.

The best thing about a snack board is that there are no limits! You can personalize them in any way you like! You can add something for everyone! Add a variety of meats and you’ll change your snack board to a Charcuterie Board.

Container wise you can use whatever you have. I use shallow trays, but you can use platters, cutting boards, plates…whatever you have on hand!

Whatever you choose to do….enjoy the making process….and even better still enjoy watching everyone attack the tray with joyful GLEE!

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