STARBUCKS PINK DRINK (keto version) 😮

Okay, so…I might be obsessed ❤️❤️❤️ this spring with Starbucks Pink Drink! Only, my obsession is actually with the KETO version you make yourself in your kitchen! Now mind you, this can be ordered in the store as well but only with careful planning! You see the problem is that Starbucks stores loves sugar, and they like to make their drinks with plenty of the sweet stuff! But us KETO folks know that sugar = carbs and other yucky things we want to avoid. Here is my way of making this delicious drink at home! If you want to read about how I order in the store, I’ve added that below.

Start by brewing your tea. I like my tea fresh and well concentrated for strong flavor, so I only make a little at a time. I use my French press and 4 Tazo Passion Bags. Add 32 ounces of filtered water (this is the most important step! Filtered water gives the cleanest taste to the tea) I allow the teabags to steep overnight. Once the tea is ready it’s time to assemble your beverage!

Start with glass of ice.

Add your sweetness.

Fresh, sliced strawberries are next.

Pour over the Tazo Passion Tea.

Add your cream! (I’m super strict on my macros so I use a tablespoon to measure and make sure I stay exact)

If I’m feeling frisky I will add a teeny bit of whipped cream!


Now, sit back, relax and enjoy! You’ve used 2 of your carbs for the day!

Now for the Starbucks Pink Drinks rundown.

There are a couple of pink drinks at the BUX to choose from, including the original Pink Drink (27 carbs and 24 grams of sugar for the Grande size) and the Ombré Pink Drink (20 carbs and 18 grams of sugar for a Grande). Neither of these options are good for a person who tries to stick to a max of 25 net carbs a day. Thus…the Keto Pink Drink.

Now, I’ve “heard” of Starbucks baristas who know exactly what you are looking for when you go in and ask for a “Keto Pink Drink”. Not so much in my area…all the baristas just look at me like 😐.

Here’s the deal. Order in store or via the app. I like to order in the store so I can WATCH to make sure nothing sweet is “accidentally” added. But either way will do.

You want to order an UNSWEETENED ICED PASSION TEA, with no cane sugar and no water. This means what you are essentially getting is brewed passion tea over ice. That’s it.

Now the rest is up to you. Take your tea over to the prep area and do the most important thing…taste it. It shouldn’t taste sweet at all. Now you can add your choice of sweetener. I use Whole Earth Stevia/Monk fruit blend. I used to use Splenda but I’m trying to wean myself off of sweetness altogether….so I’ve made this change and also cut the amount I use in half. You can also add your cream at this point. You can use the half and half or ask for the heavy cream from behind the counter (they will let you pour it) You just want to make sure you are super careful with the amounts, you don’t add to many carbs. The baristas don’t always see a “light splash” the same way I do!

The good thing is that if you order this often enough and use the words Keto Pink Drink, they will start knowing what you are looking for! I mean, most baristas want to provide you with what your looking for. Rarely you have that one who does not want to think outside of the box and just wants to roll his/her eyes at you 🙄 and talk smack about you after you leave. Thankfully, they are few and far between. ❤️

So to wrap it up! Whether you order at Starbucks, via the app or make it in your kitchen…I hope you enjoy this delicious and refreshing beverage as much as I do!

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