Bacon is irreplaceable! BUT….just maybe…

It’s true! Bacon can simply not be replaced.

When I recently went to a Pescatarian lifestyle I knew the hardest thing about this change was going to be saying goodbye to bacon.

Seriously, Steak, eh. Chicken, meh. But bacon….I mean BACON, crispy, fried, heavenly, melt in your mouth bacon!!!!!!! How could I possibly say goodbye. Bacon is the boy that you just can’t let go…you know what I’m talking about! That bad boy that is terrible for you! The one your dad forbids you see! The one that treats you horribly yet you keep going back to whatever magnet he is hiding under his skin. You know that boy…..he is the same as bacon.

My friends tried to be supportive. “Try vegetarian bacon Joy, it’s delicious!” they said. I tried it. It was like beef jerky…chewy, and dry, and sad.

One friend said “give this Eggplant Bacon recipe a try!” So I tried it, and while it was the most delicious eggplant I’d ever had, it was eggplant. Not bacon.

I was grieving my relationship with bacon….until a very good friend and I were having a chat about grilled cheese sandwiches and he mentioned the fried cheese that gets around the side of the sandwich. A LIGHTBULB WENT OFF IN MY HEAD.

I got straight to work in the kitchen.

No, it’s still NOT bacon, but it has a phenomenal texture that is so close to that of bacon. And that’s the sexiest part of bacon, the texture.

So folks, I proudly present you with what I believe is a completely original recipe (since I couldn’t find a recipe for this anywhere I looked) 😂

Smoked Fried Cheese Bacon Substitute

Heat your pan over med-high heat.

In a small bowl combine:

1 cup finely shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 tsp Liquid Smoke

1/4 tsp Stubbs beef rub (a combination spice containing sea salt, onion, garlic, smoked paprika, molasses and coffee).

Mix, then create bacon shaped “strips” in your hot pan with a fork.

When the strips are brown and the cheese has melted through, flip them and brown the other side well. Remove from the pan and cool. You’ll be able to lift the strips just like a crispy piece of bacon.

This is not bacon, but it’s hella close for me….and I might actually like it just as much! It’s good on a sandwich, or by itself, or with eggs.

Enjoy! And if you try it, let me know your thoughts! ♥️

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