Sleepy Little Llama Crochet Pattern

I had this skein of yarn laying around that I had bought last summer. It wasn’t expensive, but the color just looked so appealing to me, however; I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I kept looking at it wondering what it could be. (this may the reason why my yarn stash is so, well….let’s just call it “healthy”!)

Sometimes I can’t imagine yarn just becoming a hat or scarf or blanket, sometimes it’s as if I can hear it begging to be something ultimately “cooler” and preferably with a personality! Maybe the yarn just wants to know it will be hugged and or loved by someone (I mean, can you blame it afterall? Who doesn’t want to be hugged and loved from time to time?)

Finally I decided this sweet shade of grey should be an elephant, or a llama. So without further ado, I give you….

Sleepy Little Llama.

(Ps. I may add a Happy Little Elephant next so be on the lookout for that coming up soon!)

You can probably easily adapt this pattern colors and eye design if you’d like to make it a “fortnite llama”.

Sleepy Little Llama 🦙

Items Needed:

One Skein Big Twist (Light Grey)

Size I Hook

1 square Ecru/Cream felt

1 square Dark Grey felt

Red Embroidery Floss

Black Embroidery Floss

Darning Needle

Large eye stitching needle

Bag of fiber fill

Fabric Glue

Heart shaped wooden button (optional) should be omitted if this is for a small child.



Chain 18.

Row 1: HDC into the 2nd chain front the hook, and all the remaining chains across the row. (16 HDC) Chain 2, turn the work. (Does not count in the count for this row or any row in this pattern)

Row 2-17: HDC 16 across the row. Chain 2, turn your work.

Row 18: HDC 16 across the row. Chain 22. HDC in the 2nd stitch from the hook, work your way back with a HDC in each chain and/or stitch from the previous row. (36) Chain 2, turn.

Row 19-30: HDC 36 across the row, Chain 2, turn.

Row 31-41: HDC in the next 12 stitches. Chain 2 , turn. (Tie off at the end of row 41)

2nd Leg: Attach yarn to the end of the previous row and chain 2, HDC in the same stitch as the Chain 2 and across the row for 12 HDC total. Chain 2, turn.

Complete 10 rows, tie off.

Follow the above steps again to make a 2nd identical llama shape.

Cut felt into face shape shown in the picture using pinking shears. Using a needle and DMC embroidery floss, make eyes with lashes with black floss and an X for the mouth with red floss.

Attach to the head of one of the llama bodies using a needle, white embroidery floss and a basting stitch.

Cut two ears from the grey felt and do a basting stitch along the outer edge (this is just for decoration and to tie the elements together) I attached my ears to the inside of the head, above the face, using a couple of drops of fabric glue. Position far enough down that you can secure the ears when you are stitching the two body pieces together.

Line up your two sections of llama bodies with the face on the inside so you can’t see it.

I used a darning needle and the same yarn used for the body. I ladder stitched all the way around the llama beginning at the top of the head and ending at the opposite side of the head, leave your yarn and needle attached for when you are ready to finish sewing across the top of the head. Turn everything inside out. Now you’ll be able to see the llamas face. Stuff him with fiber fill from the hole at the top of his head. (Don’t overstuff, you don’t want filling coming out from the holes between stitches, just use enough to give him some poof!)

Once he is stuffed, switch out your darning needle for one with a point ( you’ll need to pierce the felt ears and the darning needle isn’t sharp enough). Continue sewing across to close up the top of the llamas head.

Make a small tail by just tying some pieces of yarn together and attaching to the body.

I sewed a little wooden heart button on with some red embroidery floss. Alternately you can sew on a little patch or two (also cut with pinking shears) on the llamas body to make him look “worn” Would probably be cute with some red and black bandana fabric or buffalo plaid. ♥️

Enjoy your sleepy llama!

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