Sleepy Little Llama Crochet Pattern

I had this skein of yarn laying around that I had bought last summer. It wasn’t expensive, but the color just looked so appealing to me, however; I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I kept looking at it wondering what it could be. (this may the reason why my yarn stash is so, well….let’s just call it “healthy”!)

Sometimes I can’t imagine yarn just becoming a hat or scarf or blanket, sometimes it’s as if I can hear it begging to be something ultimately “cooler” and preferably with a personality! Maybe the yarn just wants to know it will be hugged and or loved by someone (I mean, can you blame it afterall? Who doesn’t want to be hugged and loved from time to time?) Continue reading

Crochet Messy Bun Hat Pattern

Recently, a friend posted a photo of a hat she really liked on social media “Who can make this hat?” She asked.  She had to have it!



Another friend tagged me…so I set off to make the hat. I had scoured the internet and all of the reliable knitting and crochet pattern sites, there seemed to be a lack of patterns for this style hat (mind you this was when this style was just emerging, now there are 1000’s of patterns, many of which are just copy cats of each  other) online so I figured one was needed!

Here, I used the simple front and back post crochet stitch method to create the brim.  I created this pattern myself,  I have found so many awesome FREE patterns on the web over the years that it’s the LEAST I can do to give back a few!

For this hat, I used Lion Brand Ice Cream Crème Glacée. Color: Cookies and Cream. (I had this yarn laying around in my studio for awhile so I’m not sure if it’s still being sold. It’s a medium weight yarn a bit lighter than WW yarn, but I think you will do just as well with WW. I used a size G/6/4.25MM hook, but an H/8/5mm would work as well.

Stitches used will be: CH (chain), SC, DC, HDC, FPHDC, BPHDC, and SS (slip stitch). This pattern took about 2-3 hours to complete. (of course I crochet while binge watching Netflix so I might be a little slower than you!)

If you like this pattern, you may also like my Simple & Sweet Ponytail Hat Pattern that I actually love much more than this one. It can be found HERE

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Crochet Messy Bun Hat Pattern

Row 1:  Chain 32, SS  to the first chain ensuring the chain is flat so that the next row won’t twist.

Row 2:  Chain 1 (does not count as 1st SC), SC in the same stitch as the chain 1, SC into each of the remaining chains, SS to the Chain 1. (32 stitches)

Row 3:  Chain 2,  (does not count as 1st DC here or in any of the other rows)<>, repeat <<>> to end of row, SS to the chain 2 (40 stitches)

Row 4:  Chain 2, turn
From this point on all DC will be worked into the back loop only, until Row 18. (See photo) <> repeat <<>> to the end of the row, SS to the chain 2. (48 stitches)

Row 5:  Chain 2, turn.
<> repeat <<>> to the end of the row, SS to the chain 2. (56 stitches)

Row 6:  Chain 2, turn.
<> repeat <<>> to the end of the row, SS to the chain 2. (64 stitches)

Row 7: Chain 2, turn.
<> repeat <<>> to the end of the row, SS to the chain 2. (72 stitches)

Rows 8-17

Chain 2, turn.
1 DC into each stitch all around the row, SS to the chain 1.

Row 18: Chain 2, (Go back to working a regular stitch, instead of using the back loop only) HDC into each stitch in the row, SS to the chain 1

Row 19-22: Chain 2, 1 BPHDC, <<2 FPHDC, 2 BPHDC>> continue <<>> around the row, SS to the chain 2. (Make sure to line up your FPHDC and BPHDC with the previous row, as this is what provides the ribbed look that finishes the hat brim.) Note, I worked all of the front and back post stitches into the TOP of each stitch (see photo).

Tie off and weave in the ends.

All done! Enjoy!

*photo description of the 1, 1, 1, 1, 2 type pattern