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Low Carb Posh Chocolate Mug Cake

These mug cakes popping up all over the place are great! I mean really….one or two minutes to a ready to eat cake? That’s amazing! But…sometimes they can be dry or disappointing.

Not this one. This one is moist, rich and decadent! With a ganache style topping. I’d go so far as to say…it’s POSH! And at 12 carbs per serving, that’s a fraction of the carbs in a standard piece of chocolate cake. Continue reading “Low Carb Posh Chocolate Mug Cake”

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Easy Peel Method for hard boiled eggs!

My husband and I began a KETO lifestyle this year (yes….I finally talked him into jumping in with me as I have been doing it alone since 2014) Eggs are a large part of our diet. We keep a bowl of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge so they can easily be snagged for a snack, popped into a lunch pail or sliced with bacon for a breakfast at home on a day off. However, the more we were eating them the more we were going crazy trying to peel the shells off. That crazy membrane sticks like gorilla glue! Continue reading “Easy Peel Method for hard boiled eggs!”

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Low Carb Crunchy Chocolate Bark

Well…anytime you see the word CHOCOLATE…you know carbs are going to be involved somehow. However, it is possible to keep those carbs to a minimum and still satisfy your sweet tooth and your craving for chocolate.

No. You can not have a Snickers bar, or a Reeses Peanut butter cup or even a Peppermint Patty. But Lindt Supreme Dark 90% Excellence Bar is your friend. Melted and mixed with a little stevia or xylitol it is just as sweet as milk chocolate. Continue reading “Low Carb Crunchy Chocolate Bark”

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Now matter how hard I have tried, no matter what changes in ingredients I have made, no matter what what what….I have YET to find any type of Keto bread recipe that is actually like normal bread. I have made DOZENS of recipes….and I’ve found a few that come close. But always….always….there is something not right. Something that only flour and yeast can give you. Be it a spongy egg texture….or a too strong almond or coconut flour taste. Always there is something not quite bread like.

Continue reading “The most VERSATILE KETO WAFFLES!!!!”

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DIY Wall Mounted Kraft Paper Roller

I was checking out a high-end design website last week searching for some ideas to fill a few voids in my homes eclectic meets shabby chic meets rustic design. I came across a wall mounted Kraft Paper Roller. But…$258.00? Ouch!

Naturally, I started looking around for one but they were all quite pricey everywhere I looked, they were listed from $100.00 to $300.00. A handful of design sites show them in design photos but don’t actually sell them officially. (Unless of course you’re willing to hire the firm).

I knew I had to meet the challenge of making my own! So I woke up this morning, turned towards my darling husband and asked…. “Wanna help me with a project today?” He snickered and didn’t even answer me. Probably cause he knows what I really meant was “you ARE helping me with a project today!” This man is a saint I tell you! In my defense, I treated him to Starbucks as payment for his assistance. Continue reading “DIY Wall Mounted Kraft Paper Roller”

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Keto Cereal Goodness 

CEREAL? you say. 

You can’t have cereal on a ketogenic diet! All those carbs! 

Oh but you can….as long as you are willing to think and taste outside the box! 

No. Keto Cereal is not like regular cereal, there are no flakes or balls or shapes. However, there IS crunch and more importantly…flavor! 

Before KETO, my favorite breakfast cereal  was Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds. I loved the crunchiness of the Almonds and the balls of oats…..I could have done without the flakes. So this KETO Cereal really has everything that I love about cereal anyway! 



  • 1/3 cup unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  • 1 Tbsp of butter
  • 1/8 cup slivered Almonds
  • 1/2 pack Truvia (optional)

Melt butter in pan, stir in coconut and almonds, stir constantly until browned. Allow to cool. Stir in Truvia (optional) 

The nutritional information INCLUDES the milk. You can use 2 TBSP HWC, cut with 3 TBSP water (which makes a much more milk like liquid) or…you can use 1/4 cup almond or coconut milk.